In the age of information it can be confusing and challenging to sort through and evaluate all of the possible sources of information available as customers. One of the most respected sources for objectively evaluating a business and their level of customer service is the nonprofit Better Business Bureau (BBB) which has been a valuable tool for consumers since 1912.In addition to just being included on the list, some of the top businesses are invited to seek Accreditation through the BBB. McBride Construction is proud to say that we have been a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business since 1988. Not all companies are invited or eligible to be accredited by the BBB, and the ones that are must continually follow the BBB Standards of Trust to maintain their accredited status.

As a BBB Accredited Business, we also maintain an A+ rating which is a testament to the honesty, quality, and expertise we bring to each of our projects.



  1. Does it cost anything for me to get an estimate from McBride Construction – No. Our estimates are free of charge, unless we are hired to consult on your project as an expert.
  2. I don’t live near Seattle or Portland, will McBride Construction still work on my project? – Yes. We work anywhere in the states of Washington and Oregon.
  3. Does McBride Construction work for my insurance company? – No. McBride Construction is an independent contractor that works directly for you.
  4. Does McBride Construction train their employees? – Yes. McBride Construction spends thousands of hours every year on training and continuing education.
  5. My current contractor is not performing up to my expectations, will McBride Construction consider taking over my project? – Yes. McBride Construction can take over for contractors not performing up to your expectations.
  6. I prefer to communicate via e-mail, is that possible? – Yes. All McBride Construction supervisors have e-mail accounts to facilitate electronic communication.
  7. I have a project but I don’t want to start for 8 months, will McBride Construction still look at my project? – Yes. McBride Construction maintains a forecasted project schedule so we can work to schedule your project in the future when it is convenient for you.
  8. Is McBride Licensed, Bonded, and Insured? – Yes. McBride Construction is licensed and bonded through both the state of Washington and Oregon. In addition, McBride Construction has maintained their insurance coverage through the well-known Parker Smith and Feek agency for over 20 years.
  9. I just got home and a pipe has burst in my house, what should I do? – McBride Construction maintains an Emergency Services Team dedicated to 24/7 response. Please call us at 1-800- 676-5053 if you have a construction related emergency.
  10. I am working with a project manager, does an owner of the company know about my project? – Yes. McBride Construction has a weekly team meeting with all project managers and production supervisors to discuss every on-going project.
  11. What is McBride Construction’s Service Area? – We are proud to provide our construction expertise on projects throughout Western Washington and Oregon and for select clients throughout the entire Pacific Northwest including Eastern Washington and Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska.