Our Investigation Crew does nothing but investigate problems in buildings.

With a crew trained and dedicated to investigating all types of buildings, let us help you look into any issues with your building. Buildings are complicated with many different systems and components. Often times when things go wrong in a building, it can be very difficult to determine the source of the problem.
Our investigation crews are experts in investigating problems with buildings and assisting with explanations. Whether you have a single family residence or a condominium on the 40th floor of a high rise, call the experts at McBride Construction to help diagnose the source of your issue.

Our Investigation and testing services include:

  • Temporary & Emergency Weather Protection
  • Environmental Elements Review
  • Pressure Testing – Spray rack
  • Bora Scope Inspections
  • Thermal Imagery
  • Field Notes
  • Photographs – cataloged by element & location
  • Schematic Moisture Mapping
  • Building Envelope Performance Evaluation
  • Damage Evaluations
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Full-Service Building Envelope Diagnosis
  • Annual/Bi-Annual Maintenance Surveys
  • Moisture Content Surveys
  • ATSM/AAMA Test Methods
  • Moisture Tracing
  • Ultraviolet Dye Tracing
  • Crack Analysis & Documentation
  • Storefront & Strip Window System Inspection and Testing
  • Sealant Joint Inspection

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